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Typical Applications

cProductInfo is the manufacturer's standardized way to get information about their products to everyone in the supply chain from the distributor, to the retailer, to the end user.


The manufacturer has the information about their products. What barcode represents a pallet, a case, and a product. Until now, they didn't have a standard way that everyone could access that information, nor did they have a way to control it. cProductInfo provides a directory where anyone in the supply chain can go to find where you store information about your products; is alos provides a place to store product information for companies who do not wish to put this burden on their IT staff. Since the information is stored in a standard, yet adaptable, XML file, applications that use this information can easily be built. cProduct Info sponsors one product lookup application, but there is the potential for many more. You control what data you present for a particular product, even where you store it. You can use any or all of the XML elements in the product.xml file, you can even add to them.


The distrubutor and retailer face essentially the same set of problems. They use barcodes to track products in pallets, in cases, and individually. For each product, they must currently enter all the data from the manufactyurer, or pay their IT staff to import the different formats into their custom database. cProductInfo eliminates the custom imports and manual data entry for each product distributed by providing the manufacturers' information directly to the distributor/retailer in a standardized yet flexxibel way.


The consumer will not use applications to scan barcodes until those applications can accurately identify the products without the consumer's intervention. cProductInfo allows a whole new generation of computer applications to track users consumables via barcodes. Each application can be built with the knowledge that it can obtain product information from the manufacturer. Applications could be a simple in-refrigerator barcode scanner that generates a grocery list to an application that queries the ingredients list to identify potential allergenic reactions.