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Product Reply

The Product Reply is an XML message of the form

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Product cProductInfo="1.0">

The fields above will always be present. The barcode will be the barcode you sent and the type of the barcode will be the type you sent.

Other returned fields are optional, however, highly encouraged are the <Manufacturer> and <Description type="Short"> elements.

For our current product template with possible fields, click here.

ShopWizard Reply

ShopWizard may return the following fields: 
  • <Manufacturer> - Manufacturer's name
  • <Descriptions> - ShopWizard returns all descriptions in <Short>
    • <Short>. This should not exceed 255 characters.
  • <Dimensions> - A product may be described in multiple dimensions:
    • <Dimension> - One of the dimensions
      • Text - The Numeric and Unit as one for display to the end user.
      • Numeric - the actual number associated with the dimension.
      • Unit - One of the following: Ounces (Weight), Fluid Ounces, Pounds, Inches, Feet, Meters, Centimeters, Square Feet, Square Inches, Items (Count), Grams, Liter, Gallon, Quart, Milliliters, Pint, Cup, Yard, Cubic Feet.