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Directory Request

The cProductInfo Directory Request message may be sent as an HTTP GET message for one item, or sent via HTTP POST or GET transmitting an XML request for more than one item.

Single Item

This is the easiest construct for most


  • Type - Either GTIN or ISBN
  • Barcode - The digits of the barcode including the check digit
  • Username - The e-mail account you used to sign up to cProductInfo
  • Password - The password we e-mailed you.

Multiple Items

You may transmit either a HTTP POST or GET message passing the XML message in the xml field. You would use this to request many barcodes descriptions at once without the overhead of multiple requests.

Sample GET that gets the directory information for a single barcode

http://www.cProductInfo.com/directory.asp?xml=<?xml version="1.0"?><Request><Username>example@cProductInfo.com</Username><Password>password</Password><Barcode type="GTIN">12345678901234</Barcode></Request>

The link is tough to read, so here is the breakdown; each item should have an appropriate XML closing tag...

  • xml= - assign the XML to the variable named xml. You may also use a POST.
  • <?xml version="1.0"> - easiest way to make an XML document
  • <Request> - The documentElement. Required the way it is, closing tag should be at the end of your request.
  • <Username> - The e-mail account you used to sign up to cProductInfo
  • <Password> - The password we e-mailed you.
  • <Barcode type="GTIN"> - The digits of the barcode including the check digit. Type can be either GTIN or ISBN. More types will be allowed later. You may have as many <BARCODE> tags as directory information for barcodes you are requesting. GTIN is a superset of EAN and UPC.
<?xml version="1.0"?>
   <Barcode type="GTIN">00000000000001</Barcode>
   <Barcode type="GTIN">00000000000002</Barcode>
   <Barcode type="GTIN">00000000000003</Barcode>