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cProductInfo turns your barcodes into meaningful data...without tedious data entry. cProductInfo accepts your requests for barcodes and returns product descriptions to you. You'll be able to use barcodes in ways we haven't even imagined yet!

Key Benefits

  • cProductInfo takes your barcodes and returns meaningful product data!
  • Use barcodes in any application: Excel, Access, Visual Basic, PERL, ASP, PHP, etc. We give away examples.
  • Lookup barcodes online.
  • We even give away 5 free lookups per day, sign up now!

How to Use

  • Sign up to get your free barcodes.
  • Download the free examples to use with your application.
  • Enter barcodes in your application and cProductInfo will make them into meaningful data
  • That's all there is to use cProductInfo!

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